A Helping Hand For A Positive Pathway

A Helping Hand For A Positive Pathway

Bratzo – Peer Mentor – CMC Students - High School and Middle School Boys

Our Mission

Provide a Helping Hand to enhance and enrich the lives of first-generation Eagle County Youth, leading to Positive Pathways

Teach strong values, self-discipline, grit, and integrity, with an emphasis on developing social and emotional skills

Foster community collaboration and parental involvement

Respond proactively where MFP can make a difference and as needs are identified by Eagle Valley Behavioral Health and Eagle County Schools

Create future leaders in the Vail Valley Community

Provide Collegiate Scholarship to support Positive Pathways

Our Values

We will respond to students with empathy, seeking to understand the challenges that youth and their families face

We will foster trust and respect with youth, their parents, the community, and other Youth Services Organizations

We will behave and communicate successes and areas needing improvement, always putting integrity first

We will reevaluate all services and adjust as needed to successfully meet and support youth directly as they navigate their appropriate Pathways

We will foster a coordinated and collaborative environment with youth, families, and community organizations

We will be inclusive; we will respect, value, and celebrate diversity, recognizing it as an asset to our organization and community

We will target our programs to each participant, meeting them where they are and mentoring to their specific needs